Today, I am launching the web site for The People Manager’s Survival Guide, a handy tool for new and experienced managers who manage people. 

A helpful feature of the book is the References section included at the end of most chapters.  In PDF you will be able to click on the “References button” and be taken to additional reading sources.  The amount of literature written about good management can be overwhelming, so it’s often helpful to see a list of the books recommended by others.  The 80 references (books and articles) included in the list are picked because of their ability to offer practical advice and unique insight. 

The management of people is a skill in its own right - a fact which is often lost on those who have been promoted into management based on their technical skills. 

Managing people is not a simple process.  It can be highly rewarding.  It is never dull.  And it will require your continual, focused attention.  As you should never take your people for granted, you should never take good people management for granted.